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Full 3D on Mobile Outperforms Your Expectation

The LG optimus 3DOn my recent post about the LG Optimus 3D ( the worlds 1st full 3D smartphone)  , I was telling that it is the first smartphone utilizes the power of tri – dual performance thus enable to sustain and maintain faster transfer of data.

Here is the phone gallery from google talking about the super smartphone on earth. The description as follows.

Lg Optimus 3D is the  super smartphone that allows you to enjoy a full 3D experience on mobile. Now you can record in the real time, view and share in 3D. All in the palm of your hand. Whats more? you can forget about the ugly and heavy 3D glasses because its glasses – free.

3D Real-Time Recording
– 5MP Dual Cameras are optimized to capture the best 3D footage of anything you want, wherever and whenever.
– It also has a self-correcting technology that also tirelessly connects the camera misalignments on a real-time basis for the best 3D quality.

Glasses-free 4.3″ Wide Display
– 4.3 inch Wide Display touch-screen allows you to experience the full excitement of 3D video, glasses-free.

Seamless Content Sharing via HDMI / DLNA and YouTube 3D
– Share and view 3D videos on the large screen effortlessly, with HDMI 1.4 connection to 3D equipped TVs and monitors and with DLNA Certified(TM) compatible products.
– Share 3D content online just as easily through the World’s 1st 3D channel on YouTube.

You think Lg optimus 3D outshine your expectation?


World`s First Full 3D Smartphone with Tri-dual Technology

Introducing the new smartphone that changes the smartphone itself bringing 3D images with the use of Tri – Dual technology by LG life’s Good the LG OPTIMUS 3D.

The LG optimus 3D

Viewing 3D with out glasses isn’t that fantastic?That is one of the main features of this smartphone. Here are the other general features such as recording 3D movies, sharing 3D contents, playing 3D games ( with preloaded 3D games worth Php 3000 included that is based on global rate ) and convert 2D into 3D. Moreover, it is upgradeable to 2.3 Gingerbread.

Tri – Dual performance dominates all other dual – cores.

How smartphones perform do not depend on the number of CPU clock speed like 1.0GHz or 1.2GHz. It actually depends on the maximization of the efficiency by chipset architecture. Now, it is not just about having Dual – Core processor but how smartly it is utilized.

The LG Optimus 3D is a showcase  of superior speed and power, made possible by LG’s advanced “TRI – DUAL” configuration: a Dual – Core, Dual – Channel and Dual – memory architecture based on the groundbreaking TI 0MAP4 chipset. Thus this configuration enables users to enjoy significantly improved performance and run – time compared to any other smartphone.

Unlike other dual – core smartphones, with single channel and single memory, the LG Optimus 3D enables the simultaneous and thus faster transfer of data between its Dual core , Dual – Channel and Dual – Memory.

You can contact them @ facebook lgoptimusph and mylifesgoodph , @ twitter mylifesgoodph

LG Customer info center (02) 902-5544 , (globe) 0917-8242525 , (smart)0920-9002525 , (sun)0922-8022525, 1-800-8-902-5544 (toll free)

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